Meet the Founder

  • My name is Katie, and for 15 years, I’ve been navigating a journey around the world, crafting uncommon adventures for the world’s most progressive companies.

What’s Striking Now


It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

  • I’ve always had a passion for creating bold experiences, which is why I chose a career managing global events and meetings. After I learned the ins and outs of hospitality logistics, I became intrigued with corporate branding and marketing – and the combination is pretty powerful.
  • I started Matchstick to cater to clients who want outside-the-box thinking balanced with practical, proven event and meeting solutions and management.

Matchstick Team

The Matchstick team is kind of like a box of matches. We’re all separate, but we come together to create a blaze of hot ideas, coordinated plans and seamless execution. This virtual approach works perfectly because we assemble the best team for each program based on specialties, experience, destination knowledge, location – all of which are crucial to maximizing the experience. Every member of the team is a consummate professional who knows how to think both proactively and outside the box!

Get inspired

You don’t have to be surrounded by creative people to be inspired, it’s about keeping your eyes and mind open and accepting that you can always do more, be better. At Matchstick, our inspiration comes from those we have learned from along the way. This simple yet honest advice shapes Matchstick’s approach to work and life.

  • Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today
  • Be prepared to be unprepared
  • Any job worth doing is worth doing right
  • Always fight for a second chance
  • Remain in a constant state of dissatisfaction
  • Yes is the answer, now what is the question
  • Find your comfort zone and then leave it
  • Remain humble, but always hungry